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Maruti Alto gets crushed like a cardboard box in between two trucks – Video

Maruti Alto vs truck

All five members of a family in the car died on the spot.

Traveling on the Nizamabad-Hyderabad highway in a Maruti Alto, a family of five died on the spot after it got sandwiched in between two trucks at a junction. The horrific incident was captured on camera by a nearby CCTV.

Travelling in the car were five members of a family, including a woman and two children. All five members did not survive the accident and died on the spot.

From what we can see in the accident video above, it seems like that the driver of Maruti Alto tried to overtake the truck and take a right turn immediately. But in doing so, the driver failed to make sure that his car had overtaken the truck completely.

We have seen many such incidents on the road when few drivers overtake in such a way that the end result will be a crash, if the vehicle behind does not brake in time.

In the case above, the truck probably failed to brake, or did not see that the small car was overtaking and then taking a sharp right. Sadly, the truck too was taking a right. Even more unfortunate is the fact that a speeding truck was coming from the opposite direction right when the car and truck duo were drifting into the very same lane of oncoming truck.

End result, the car gets sandwiched in between both the trucks so badly that it is no longer seen in the video. Police soon arrived, but there was nothing they could do. Damage was already done. Earth movers were later ordered to get the car out from the crash.

maruti alto 800 crash test india

Maruti Alto 800 has a 0 crash test safety rating.

Time and again we have requested readers to drive / ride cautiously. Indian roads are amongt most unsafe in the world. In 2015, 1.46 lakh people lost their lives due to road accidents in India. Follow traffic rules, and be aware of the surrounding when you are driving or riding.

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  • Yes Alto is unsafe, so are a lot of other cars in India. But this was clearly car driver’s fault and no car in this world could have survived this kind of careless driving. He was taking a right and overtaking the truck from the wrong side. Had he been following rules and minding the other side of the road, this incident could have certainly been avoided. Even a Volvo can’t save you if you drive like that.

    • The driver of the small car obviously was a selfish and not a very smart person considering he or she had children in the car yet undermined their safety by driving so recklessly. That kind of attitude is just waiting for a perfect moment for disasters. Unfortunately many innocent people often involved and here the two innocent children.

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