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Watch how easy it is for these two to steal a motorcycle in broad daylight (Video)

Motorcycle Thieves

Job done in just 40 seconds.

A motorbike parked on the side of a road in Indore and securely locked drew the attention of two passing thieves on another bike. Caught on CCTV camera, the entire episode took just 40 seconds with the pillion rider getting off the bike, surveying the parked bike and pretending to fasten his shoe lace.

While all this failed to attract any suspicion, the thief went ahead and broke the ignition wire. He sat on the bike and broke the handle bar with his foot.

Motorcycle Thieves in action.

Motorcycle Thieves in action.

He then kick started the bike and rode off along with his partner in crime. The entire incident was accomplished with the suaveness of a seasoned bike robber who knew just the right wires to cut and the exact way in which to break the handlebar.

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The robbery has been captured on CCTV and the local police are on the lookout for the robbers. As for us, after watching this video we will surely have to find some other means of locking our parked bikes so as to ensure its safety.



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