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Train carrying 5 lakh liters drinking water reaches drought hit Latur

The train carrying around 5,00,000 liters of water reached the dry and drought hit Latur in Marathwada region on today morning. Facing severe drought since the past few months, residents of Latur welcomed the first train with a batch of 10 wagons carrying water to the region.

The wagons were filled with water at Miraj railway station in Sangli, Maharashtra which is being stored in a huge well procured by the administration. This well is located at a distance of 5-7 kms from Latur while a pipeline connects the well to the spot where the train will halt.


Besides this water train to Latur, the local administration has also arranged for a total of 70 tankers of capacity of 22,000 liters to transport water from the well to various locations in the area. The second train consisting of 50 wagons is slated to be ready for loading of water by 15th April.

Daily water requirement of Latur stands at 20 million liters while the administration can provide water only once in 15 days in a single rotation. The Railway administration declined to disclose exact charges to be collected from the Government for transportation of water while stating that first priority would be to get the water to the affected area.


Marathwada is facing its worst drought situation in over 100 years. While 11 major dams have run dry, the very health of the people in the region is at stake. Hospitals have been delaying operations due to water shortage while there is a significant rise in kidney stone and urinary tract infections in the area due to people being forced to consume bore well water following extreme shortage of surface water.

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