Wayne Rooney superbike fetches £109,700 on eBay

A mystery bidder is now the owner of a diamond encrusted bike which has been designed by England’s star footballer Wayne Rooney. Manufactured by Lauge Jensen, the only motorcycle maker in Denmark, this bike here, was put up for auction on eBay where it received 101 bids however, final bidder is still a mystery. All proceeds of the sale of this bike will be donated to KidsAid, a Danish charity that looks after children who have suffered any sort of trauma in their lives be it family or illness or any other calamities. The amount which will be donated is £109,700 ($170,983).

The super bike in question is capable of reaching speeds of 60 mph (100 kmph) in less than 4 seconds while reaching a top speed of 115 mph (195 kmph). It is custom made by Danish motorcycle manufacturer Lauge Jensen but Rooney has tried his hand at customizing the bike and ensured that it is stunning and glistening as it is encrusted with diamonds making it not only unique but a one of a kind to be offered on eBay auction and that too for  noble cause.

To add extra sparkle to the auction Rooney has also added his player jersey with his personal signature that has been mounted on the petrol tank of the bike and lacquered to help preserve it in ‘as is where is condition’. Another striking feature will be the No.10 sitting on the bike while the rear mudguard bears an artist impression of the famous goal he score3d against arch rivals, City.

“The bike we have designed is inspired by my scissor kick against Manchester City last season. The goal has been described as a score of high quality and technically outstanding and it was a target with great force and beauty. I hope people will agree with me when I say that the motorcycle has all these qualities and more “, adds Wayne Rooney.

News Release

World star Wayne Rooney designer Danish motorcycle KidsAid Denmark

The success of the Danish charity KidsAid to enter into a unique agreement with the world-famous footballer Wayne Rooney. In collaboration with Denmark’s only motorcycle manufacturer Lauge Jensen, the English soccer star customize an exclusive motorcycle for charity. Motorcycling bestowed to KidsAid and put up for auction at the end of May 2012. Profits from sales will go to KidsAid supporting the sick and poor children in Denmark.

With 73 matches for the English national team, four championships, two League Cup titles and a Champions League triumph for Manchester United is the 26-year-old footballer Wayne Rooney in the absolute world elite. At KidsAid has collaborated with one of the world’s biggest football stars is therefore of great importance.

“We are obviously both incredibly proud and happy that Wayne Rooney has agreed to support the Kids AIDS work. With support from someone like Wayne Rooney and the many fans he has across the world, we hope that the auction will bring a nice sum. At the same time, the cooperation could help to focus on those children and young people who every day have the disease up close in the body, “says Foundation President KidsAid Soren Bach.

Tailored to the smallest detail
At Lauge Jensen tailored to each motorcycle to the customer’s wants and needs, and also at the luxurious motorcycle that Wayne Rooney will help to put his unique stamp on, there will be attention to detail.

“Last year, designed Caroline Wozniacki a motorcycle in cooperation with Lauge Jensen. It is our hope that the motorcycle, like Wayne Rooney and Lauge Jensen designer will bring much money to the good cause, “says Soren Bach.

More information about the motorcycle and the upcoming charity auction will soon be communicated.

Facts about KidsAid Foundation
KidsAid Foundation is a Danish charity, whose purpose is to raise money for sick and poor children in Denmark. Through various charity events have KidsAid since 2000 collected money for the purpose of making children’s life more fun. KidsAid is probably best known for GolfAid (Star Golf), where many famous Danes annually compete for the title of Denmark’s unofficial Danish champion in golf.

The Board of KidsAid Fund is the initiator and chairman Søren Bach, Niels Mikkelsen, director Tomas Villum Jensen, goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen, chairman Flemming Østergaard and film producer Mikael Christian Rieks.