What Car? Magazine analysis puts German cars ahead of Japanese vehicles on British roads

When it comes to auto engineering and automobile design in the lap of luxury, German cars have always been on people’s minds. However, such vehicles have never been looked upon as easy to buy cars and vehicle running costs too are considered high. As such, it comes as a surprise of sorts to many that German cars have won the battle against Japanese counterparts in being recognized as ‘best-value models on Britain’s roads.’

Motoring experts have placed Volkswagen and BMW cars higher when tabulating cost of vehicles over a 3 year period. The analysis by What Car? Magazine comprises a table that list best value vehicles in 10 categories. The analysis sees German automakers take top honors in 7 of the 10 car segments.

The analysis takes into consideration best purchase price. This is a combination of the price one buys their car for as against retail price listed and vehicle value when it’s sold in 3 years. Other costs tabulated include running costs over the 3 year period, which includes fuel, parts, tax, insurance and service charges.

The study named VW as winners in 3 vehicle segments with Volkswagen Passat as most cost-effective family car, Scirocco with 3 year running costs of £15,700 as top coupe, and Golf in the estate segment. VW Group owned Skoda Octavia triumphed as best-value small family car. Last month, the VW Up was awarded What Car? overall Car of the Year for 2012, and Mercedes Benz, Porsche and Audi won in other segments.

BMW 5 Series topped scores for best-value executive car at a purchase price of £28,000 and 3 year running costs at £21,000, and the X3 for £31, 000 was adjudged best-value sports utility vehicle (SUV). The vehicle can cost upto £42, including extras. BMW owned Mini One Convertible led the road as best-value convertible being the cheapest open-top vehicle to maintain.

Hyundai i10 at £7,000keeping in mind running costs won best-value city car, Ford Fiesta 1.25i led as top supermini, and Renault Grand Scenic as top multi purpose vehicle (MPV). What Car? Magazine says, ‘The i10 is one of the best city cars out there, and it’s also one of the cheapest to buy and run. It doesn’t get much better than that for buyers on a budget.’

Editor of What Car?, Chas Hallett had this to say. ‘Buyers should not pay the asking price for any of the cars in its awards.’ He added, ‘Another weapon in the car buyer’s arsenal is what we call the target price. This is the achievable discount What Car? has haggled on every car.’ ‘If a dealer won’t match the target price then we will put the car buyer in touch with one who will.’