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What is it with Indian Roads and their gortoh’s and gadhdha’s

The sorry state of roads in our country is not only causing an embarrassment but soon leading to a sense of apathy in the minds of most Indians. Condition of Indian roads is such that while India ranks third in the world in terms of road coverage it probably ranks among the top few countries where bad quality is concerned.  This issue needs to be addressed on a war footing.  We have the technology and the talent but unfortunately what we lack is the will to improve the quality of our country’s lifeline.  Repairs are carried out time and again but it is the quality of work that is at fault that ensures that our roads do not remain in a good condition for long.

Repeated work and repeated expenditure is draining our county’s coffers, red tape and other infrastructural bottlenecks among the bureaucracy is what is make a bad situation worse where our civic bodies are denying honest and taxpaying citizens of the country with the most basic of amenities.

It is Government negligence, irresponsibility and indifference that affect the condition of our roads. Conflict among civic and government bodies is what leads to inferior quality of materials being used, incomplete work or work done in a haphazard and careless manner which results in roads ‘here today and gone tomorrow’.  Thickness and quality of bitumen, sizes of stones being used, quality of cement for concrete roads, right proportions of material mixing are some of the factors that needs to meet required standards which is unfortunately lacking in a country like India.

Besides this attitude it is the attitude of drivers on Indian roads that also needs to undergo a change if quality is to be maintained.  Driving of heavy vehicles on roads not equipped to handle such heavy traffic, two wheeler riders taking to pavements to avoid heavy traffic are some of the other reasons for the bad quality of Indian roads.  Government authorities need to tackle this issue on priority if the country’s image is to be protected and also to ensure that growth of the nation is not hindered.


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