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What is the price of Ford EcoSport and when is it launching?


Ford India unveiled their all new EcoSport SUV with EcoBoost 1.0L engine earlier today. Now, to clear air over the question, what is the price of new EcoSport SUV and when is it going to launch in India, officially?

ford ecosport shown at a shopping mall in india 4The answer to this question is yet to be revealed by Ford India, as this was a soft launch, so no price nor details pertaining to launch date were revealed. All you get to know for now, is the car itself.

Over the next few weeks, Ford will take their new baby SUV across the busy shopping malls of 12 Indian cities (including the Inifiniti Mall and Select City Mall in Mumbai and Delhi, where the EcoSport is currently on display till 17th March 2013). During these tours of EcoSport, visitors will be given a chance to experience (not drive) the EcoSport. You will be allowed to see the car, from inside as well.

So coming back to guessing EcoSport’s official launch date. As per our best guess, it should take place in June 2013. Now why would we say something like that, when Ford India had clearly mentioned that the EcoSport will be launched in India by early 2013.

The reason is, EcoSport Urban Discoveries. This campaign is going to give over 100 individuals a chance to drive the EcoSport like they own it, for 21 days, and all this before the car is officially launched. As the last date to submit your entries to the contest is 31st March 2013, we expected Ford to begin the drives in early April and launch the EcoSport by April end.

But, earlier today, Ford India revealed that these drives will commence by May 2013, and so we guess, EcoSport launch will take place in June 2013. Do you think Ford India is postponing the launch of EcoSport? If so, what do you think is the reason. Please leave your responses in the comments section below.


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Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry.

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  • Bapoo Tripathy

    Can I book EcoSport at ford now?

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      Yes, please go to a dealership


    Can i book ECO SPORT FORD now ? What is the minimum amont to be deposited ?Pl reply immediately.

    • sagar112

      EcoSport bookings have not commenced yet. But dealers are happy to take down your details, and promise to revert as soon as there is an update.

  • deejay

    Pls stop calling it an SUV. It neither has space or feel of an SUV. It is jus a sedan (that to a small sedan) shaped like an SUV. Very disappointing. Shld buy it only if it is the price range of Etios/swift dezire.

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      It’s not always about the size as much as it has to do with price. It’s being portrayed as an Urban utility vehicle, so we ain’t going to deviate from that. Right from the start it has been shown as a compact vehicle

      • Ranbir

        You cant compare a renault with a ford.If ford is delaying the launch of eco sport ,there has to be a specific reason.I am sure Eco sport will capture the market from the rest by all means.Pricing to looks, space and durability.

  • sanjay

    too much confusion on the launch date….was delaying my decision over Duster but it seems will have to go for it as cant wait indefinately.

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      We’re looking at June

  • Puneet Arora

    Ford Eco Sport will not be able Beat to Duster or Quanto anyhow, as Seating capacity in FordEcoSport is too less in comparison to Quanto and Duster. Also Quato Starts with a price tag of 6.06 lac Diesel which Ford cannot afford to offer not even a petrol so they will lose the market like Ford Fiesta. They have to start the price for Diesel from 6 or 6.5lac anyhow. and if we talk about Duster, it is more reliable then Ford’s Eco Sport. I have been waiting for Eco Sport for almost two years, but i think they have corssed all the limits and must have loosed customer by now and will continue to loose more untill they will announce the launch date. Ford should announce the launch date so that they can retain the customers who are realy interested.

    • Nabanita Singha Roy

      Yes, they are taking their time to create market awareness about the car

  • Ketan

    Indian families – even nuclear ones – prefer to have comfortable seating for 3 healthily built adults in the rear seat plus adequate boot space. Not providing this in a hatchback or entry-level sedan is excusable but outrageous if it’s not provided an SUV – no matter how ‘compact’ it is.

    • Ketan

      Also, it does not make much of a difference to the on-road price if the excise duty for a sub-4 metre car is not 30% but 12%. Those who spend lakhs will spend 20-30k more and go for the car of their choice, if it meets their needs.

      • Nabanita Singha Roy

        Very true Ketan regarding buying patterns. eople don’t mind paying a bit more if they get all they need