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What to look for in Jeep car parts

imLooking for the right body part can be a costly and time consuming process. Many a time you will catch a car owner rummaging through the scrap yard in search for the elusive part or wondering the authenticity of one purchased from the internet. Most manufacturers offer replacement car parts directly but second hand car parts can be just as good. Whether you buy brand new or used it is important to look for the following features.

Authenticity is key. The first thing you need to look for in Jeep car parts is authenticity. Patent parts are available at a lower cost and are essentially unbranded items produced to fit the same specifications. Whilst they may fit in your vehicle, they are unlikely to be made from the same materials or undergo the same manufacturing process which could affect how they work. For some more generic items, patent parts might be a suitable option but for something more specific to a Jeep Grand Cherokee you’re best off looking for authentic offerings.

Price factor. As with all things, price will be a big deciding factor when making your decision so it’s important that you consider this. Whilst it may be tempting to go with the lowest offer you can find you should spare a thought for quality. You often get what you pay for and if something undercuts the official price by a considerable amount then you need to ask how they’re able to do this. Compromised quality should never be accepted, especially not when dealing with something as valuable as your car, so look at value for money rather than just face value.

Availability of car parts. Some car parts are more readily available than others and this can affect things like their price. If your need to replace a part on your classic Wrangler then it may be worth investigating specialist dealers who trade exclusively in these items. That way you’ll get the part you need and won’t have to worry about authenticity, quality or suitability for your vehicle.

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