Wife destroys Audi R8 of cheating husband

We are not sure who owns this Audi R8, but the images started making rounds on social media over the weekend. It was soon revealed that the work was of a revengeful wife, who has battered every inch of her husband’s (probably ex by now) Audi R8 after he was caught cheating on her.

Wife destroys Audi R8
The damaged Audi R8 V8

As you can see in the image above, entire body of Audi R8 has been scratched and hammered. The taillights are no more, and so is the four rings logo. Even the rear glass shield over the V8 engine has been crushed. There are hammer marks on the engine as well. Due to the impact from hammer, there are holes on the body panels at many places.

Wife destroys Audi R8
Interiors of the damaged R8

The damage isnt over yet. The angry wife soon moved on the inside of Audi R8. Here too she has not left much in original condition. Not only the dials from instrument panel are gone, but also the infotainment screen is missing. Then again there are scratches everywhere. The seats have been torn to the extent that the cushioning is now visible. The steering wheel looks like it has taken some hammering, but mostly survived. Windshield is gone, dashboard is scratched, and the entire cabin is filled with trash.

Wife destroys Audi R8
Message from the wife

This was not over yet. Apart from scratching and hammering the car from outside and inside, she has also managed to leave a message for the cheating husband. You can read in the image above – &^%$ You and Kiss My @#$ clearly. Then there are some $ signs, which apparently leaves a message that she knows how badly is this going to hurt the husband financially.