Wife surprises husband by gifting Harley Davidson – Video

It was in 2012 that Akhilee Matta discovered her boyfriend’s dreams taped to the inside of his wardrobe. The party was at Gaurav Sethi’s house when Akhilee discovered this secret wish of her to be husband that stated, “25th August 2012: CS Gaurav Sethi” and “11th December 2015: Harley-Davidson Iron 883”.

25th August 2012 was the day Gaurav called up Akhilee to tell her that he has successfully cleared his Company Secretary examinations. He still however had the second target to achieve as he continued to harbor dreams of getting his own Harley Davidson. Marriage between the two followed and the two have now been together for three years.

Akhilee Matta and her husband Gaurav Sethi with their new Harley Davidson.
Akhilee Matta and her husband Gaurav Sethi with their new Harley Davidson.

What Gaurav was unaware, was that Akhilee was striving hard to make him realize his second dream. She started saving ever since the day he proposed to her and had the firm resolve to rustle up enough funds to buy her husband the Harley Davidson Iron 883 that he long dreamt about. Akhilee, a Corporate Communications professional saved every rupee she could and over the past three years these tiny drops slowly resulted in a big ocean of savings.

11th December 2015 saw enough funds in Akhilee’s kitty and she brought Gaurav into the Harley Davidson showroom blindfolded where his dream Harley-Davidson Iron 883 was revealed to him. The gesture not only brought a realization of Gaurav’s dreams but immense joy to his devoted wife who had the entire episode captured on camera.


Images – Akhilee Matta and Life Beyond Numbers