Will electric vehicles change the business world?

bmw i3More jobs: The electric vehicle is still somewhat in prototype phase, which means there is lots of work to be done on development. But it isn’t only designers and car factory workers who will find a whole new branch of careers opening up to them – those who work in maintenance, and who train to fix electric vehicles, will find themselves in high demand in the near future.

Reduced travel expenses: Once you’ve got an electric vehicle, there’s no need to go to the petrol station, ever. Vehicles can be charged up at home, or at the rapidly appearing charging stations all over the country. Businesses are also being encouraged to install charging stations themselves, to help encourage their employees to make the shift.

Less damage to the environment: If many employees commute to the office by car, businesses can be causing serious damage to the environment with all the pollution. Electric vehicles produce no carbon emissions, meaning they help protect the atmosphere and reduce unpleasant smog in cities.

More enjoyable commutes: One of the biggest surprises about electric cars is how much fun they are to drive. The zippy little things are as quiet as anything, but very powerful, particularly when they accelerate. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone jumped out of bed in the morning, excited about their drive to work? Those who drive vehicles as part of their job will find their work just got easier too, as driving an electric car is much less effort intensive. For any company or self-employed worker who uses goods vehicles, you can bet that, in the future, you’ll be looking for online van insurance quotes for an electric vehicle.