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Windows in The Car in a new demo video

Windows powered car infotainment system

Microsoft has been working on a new Windows in the Car version which it showed off last week. This new version of Windows in the Car has been tested both in simulators and on actual cars along the Seattle highway.

Windows powered car infotainment systemWindows in the Car is an in vehicle infotainment system that runs an embedded version of Windows. It can jack in and offer users a protection of what is happening on their phone via the IVI or in-vehicle entertainment system using technology called MirrorLink which is developed by Car Connectivity Consortium.

Microsoft has introduced four aspects with the new Windows in the Car feature which includes reducing cognitive load or need to think of what one is doing, glanceability or reduction of eye time on the screen beyond 2 seconds, minimising the effects of various screen sized and doing away with the need to touch virtual buttons when the vehicle is travelling at a speed of 65 mph.

The interface will be voice driven while there will be a start screen that performs common tasks which can be pinned to the dash of the car. If the car is parked, users can run any app, but in drive mode Microsoft plans on only enabling app developers to enforce a safe driving behaviour wherein users will be able to browse and call contacts, messages will be read out aloud and media sources will include FM radio, Xbox Radio and MP3 files stored on the phone. The new Windows in the Car will also offer GPS data like speed limits and other vehicle controls.


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