BMW, Daimler team up for wireless car charging system

bmw wireless car charging system (1)With these two innovative launches and lack of efficiency charging system in place, the duo BMW and Daimler, are set to introduce a standardized inductive charging system for plug in and hybrids that can be carried out at home or on the road.

The new charging system being devised by BMW and Daimler will consist of a floor mounted base plate and lightweight charging coil located at the bottom of the car. Set to have a charging rate of 3.6 kW with efficiency of over 90%, this charger will not be as efficient as a conventional charger but a plug in hybrid vehicle can be charged in a matter of less than 3 hours. Further experiments will see charging rate increased to 7 kW and time substantially reduced.

Drivers will need to park their vehicles on top of the base plate so as to activate charging. The vehicle and charging station will be able to communicate with each other so as to guide the driver to park strategically over the base plate.

BMW has also confirmed that this new wireless charging system will function in all weather conditions with no effect on efficiency while the magnetic pads will immediately shut off the induction process in the event of a foreign object being detected.