With great power comes great responsibility: BMW Driver Training programme for India for safety on Indian roads

BMW India now brings forth their BMW Driver Training programme in India. This is designed for existing BMW customers and prospective buyers. At the initial stages, the BMW Driver Training programme is being conducted in Delhi NCR and Chennai and is on right through March 2012.

BMW dealerships in Chennai, Delhi, and Gurgaon are identifying BMW owners and prospective buyers interested in the BMW Driver Training programme. BMW Group India President, Dr. Andreas Schaaf had this to say. “BMW Driver Training is a signature training programme to improve the driving skills, handling, reaction time and awareness of BMW customers. The aim was, and remains, to provide an opportunity to know the capabilities of a BMW better and experience the superior BMW technology. The BMW Driver Training programme is designed to help customers to overcome potential hazards in day-to-day driving.”

He further added, “BMW Driver Training programme focuses on the challenges posed everyday on the road. It helps the driver to retain composure and remain clear headed, as well as apply the knowledge in critical situations. BMW Driver Training programme provides the ideal foundation for increasing the necessary self-confidence as well as enhancing the pleasure of everyday driving. With small groups and under the guidance of experienced instructors, the drivers get an excellent basis for developing a confident approach to driving.”

BMW Driver Training programme instructors will educate those enrolled in the programme about driving techniques starting from basics. This would include correct seating position, steering wheel posture and technique, and avoidance maneuvers. Techniques for emergency and target braking, dynamic lane changes understeering or oversteering on bends too would be covered. The programme will help those behind the wheel deal with unexpected situations. Safety exercises, and dynamic techniques will heighten driving joy, and expert control over these high-powered vehicles. The need for additional driver training in India is the need of the hour as availability of high-end vehicles increasing. In simple words, with great power comes great responsibility. As such, those getting behind modern speed machines must take ownership, and master perfect driving techniques so as to not jeopardize life on Indian roads.