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This Audi car owner acted like a total JERK – Here’s why

A man was driving on NH8 between Ghaziabad and Modinagar with his pregnant wife. He was driving rashly, because he was in a hurry to reach hospital as his wife was in labor, who was sitting beside him. This is when he accidentally brushed his car against an Audi. The driver of the Audi emerged from the vehicle shouting abuses even as she noted the woman passenger in the other car was clearly in distress.

While one would expect that a woman would understand the plight of another woman and that too a pregnant one, the reverse was noted in this case. Here, the woman Audi driver hurled abuses, waved her hands in contempt and bemoaned the damage on her prized Audi rather than allow the hapless driver to get his pregnant wife to the hospital on time.

The woman even had the audacity to take away the man’s car keys even as his young child watched the mayhem and his mother in pain from the back seat of the vehicle. She refused to hand over the keys and was seen even arguing with the police on duty. It was only when the crowd surged and argued with the woman that she got scared and relented and threw the car keys at the crowd in disgust and drove away.

This incident brings to the fore the materialistic world we live in today with never a care for humanity. It draws attention to the self centered attitude of people in today’s world and their inability to understand another’s pain. Watch the video below.


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