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Woman collects traffic fines worth Rs 50 lakh on husband’s first night with new wife

The popular saying ‘Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned’ could not have been more aptly demonstrated. A Saudi woman whose husband married for the second time took out all her vengeance by taking his car for a joy ride, broke traffic rules and amassed traffic fines to the tune of 300,000 Saudi riyals, or $80,000 (INR 50,94,436).

The wife took her husband’s pick up truck even as he was busy celebrating his second marriage. She asked her brother to break traffic rules by deliberately driving through red lights so that the license number of the van could be caught on camera. A video of the offending pick up has gone viral, passing through the red light and then reversing to break the rule once again. The duo then went on throughout the evening breaking all traffic lights and registering the highest number of fines by Saher, a system introduced by Saudi traffic authorities to register rash driving, hone in on violations and record vehicles jumping red lights.

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When questioned, the woman said that the stunt was just to take revenge on her husband for his second marriage. The video has drawn the attention of many from among social media users. However, the stunt has backfired. Saudi newspaper Albawaba has reported that eyewitnesses have confirmed that the woman and her brother were in the vehicle and broke the rules and hence they will have to pay the fine. They may also receive a jail term and lashes for flouting traffic rules.

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