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Woman on scooter fails to stop, crashes into oncoming car – Driver arrested (Video)

It was 5 pm on Saturday when G Priya was riding her scooter. She was waiting at the junction where she wanted to cross onto the opposite side. Being a highway, traffic intensity was low and the road was as good as empty. But this is what mistake most make when they are on the highway. Misjudging the speed of an oncoming vehicle.

Priya saw the approaching Maruti Suzuki DZire, but she thought as the car was far away, she will manage to cross the road before the car arrives. She was wrong. The calculation was wrong and the speeding Maruti crashed into her at a high speed. The impact was such that she was thrown into the air.

G Priya took all precautions; she stopped at the junction, surveyed the road and glanced on both sides before trying to cross. She failed judge the speed of DZire hurtling towards her. The DZire was apparently travelling at a high speed at the time of the collision sending the woman flying into the air on impact.

Luck was however on the her side. What should have resulted in serious injuries and multiple broken bones, the woman escaped with just some minor injuries. She was taken to the hospital where doctors have confirmed that she is out of danger. The driver of the Maruti DZire has been arrested. His car has been seized and he has been booked for rash and negligent driving.

CCTV footage has captured the entire series of event and it is confirmed that though the woman took adequate precautions while crossing the junction, the DZire driver was well over the required speed limit of 80 kmph. But, even if he was 80 kmph, would he have managed to brake in time? Should the driver be at fault here? Is it not the responsibility of pedestrians and two wheeler riders to double check before crossing a junction?

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