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Woman in Delhi is stealing smartphones using her Honda Brio

Many reports emerge of a well-dressed woman who drives a Honda Brio while she cons students with her act.

Who would doubt a well dressed woman in her twenties, who drives a white Honda Brio and sports branded clothes with matching accessories when she stops hapless students to ask for directions?

This woman who speaks impeccable English has been doing the rounds of Delhi roads, stopping students across the city while asking for addresses and directions. She is seen targeting students with smartphones or tablets and then asks the person to lend her their phones feigning that her own phone has run out of battery charge. The unsuspecting student proceeds to comply after which she speeds off with the phone.

Such incidents have been reported by four students in the past three days and the modus operandi in all cases is the same. Delhi cops have been fanning the area and have set up four teams to try and locate the woman and her Honda Brio but to no success. The latest such incident was reported from Mukherjee Nagar in northwest Delhi while incidents were also reported from near the Sri Ram College of Commerce and Patel Chest Chowk.

Chetna, one such victim who lost her tablet in this way reported that the woman looked educated and from an affluent family. She ran after the car after the woman sped off with her tablet but to no avail. Even as she reported the theft to the cops, the cops received a similar complaint from another woman a short while later.

None of the complainants were able to record her vehicle’s registration number while the police are examining CCTV footage from the area so as to hone in on the culprit.

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