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Woman who slapped Indian Army truck driver in the middle of road arrested – Says Sorry

This shameful incident occurred at the Delhi’s Rajokri flyover when a lady driver manhandled and slapped an Indian Army truck driver. The Army group was travelling from the National Security Guards base at Manesar to Nizamuddin railway station. A subedar leading the party told the cops that Smriti Kalra, 44, overtook his truck convoy at the flyover and was driving in a zigzag fashion in front of the army vehicle.

Repeated attempts by the army driver to overtake her car were blatantly ignored by Kalra. She proceeded to slam on her brakes forcing the army truck and the convoy behind to stop. She then got out of her car, held the driver by his collar and hurled abuses at the Indian Army. The video which went viral shows the woman thrashing the army man in full public view. A junior commissioned officer filed an FIR against the woman and the cops have arrested her from her Gurgaon residence.

Two onlookers clicked the entire series of events on a smartphone and shows how Kalra acted rashly and in an abusive manner even while the army man remained cool and cordial. She is also seen walking back to her car glaring angrily at the person who shot the video.

Following her arrest, a case has been registered against her for assault and for preventing public servants from doing their duty. Kalra claims that she is a graduate in home science. She was once married to an Army officer’s son from whom she got divorced in 2008.

CCTV footage prior to the incident shows Kalra stuck in a traffic jam just prior to the incident. She tried to reverse her Tata Indica car to overtake another car but was stopped as the army truck was just behind her. This made her lose her temper and vent her fury on the army man. She has now apologized for her behavior.

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