Women motorcycle riders feel sexier, happier, and more confident than those who don’t

The study conducted by Kelton and commissioned by Harley-Davidson reveals women who ride their own motorcycles are noticeably happier in life, relationships, and in the bedroom as compared to women who don’t ride.

Harley_Davidson_women1,013 adult female riders and 1,016 adult female non-riders were interviewed. The findings indicate riding a motorcycle greatly improves a woman’s feelings of overall self-worth. Key insights are as follows: More than twice as many women always feel happy (37% riders vs. 16 % non-riders), nearly 4 times as many women always feel sexy (27% riders vs. 7% non-riders), and nearly twice as many always feel confident (35% riders vs. 18% non-riders).

More than half (53%) of women who ride say their motorcycle is a key source of happiness and nearly 3/4th (74%) believe their lives have improved since they started riding.

“Riding a motorcycle is the ultimate form of freedom and self-expression, so it makes sense that women riders are happier in life and, in general, feel more fulfilled,” said Claudia Garber, Director of Women’s Outreach for Harley-Davidson. “That’s why learning to ride a motorcycle is the perfect gift you can give yourself and the best resolution to make for a truly life-changing new year.”

It also shows riding can improve relationships as in romance, women who ride leave non-riders behind by being more content with communication with their partner (60% of riders vs. 38% non-riders). In reference to physical intimacy the result is (51% for riders vs. 35% for non-riders). Stress too seems to be a things of the past since more than 1/3rd (34%) of women riders report they feel less stressed after starting to ride. Resultantly, 50% of them are extremely satisfied at how their current relationships are progressing. The Harley-Davidson website beckons you to visit their to visit the Women Riders section.