Bullied over his small boat, artist now paddles a Ferrari F50 replica in Venice [Video]

What if you were told about a boat ride inside a Ferrari? Well, not exactly a Ferrari, but a boat carved out just like one. De Marchi, who had a small boat previously, like many others in Venice, was not happy the way growing number of yachts and speeding boats were bullying small boats. Thus, De Marchi created (or rather carved) a niche ride for himself.

floating ferrari venice

De Marchi has fashioned this floating Ferrari out of a block of pine with utmost precision and given it incredible detailing. He spent five months carving this floating Ferrari F50 giving it wooden wheels and air vents. This left hand drive motorboat is however devoid of the sports car’s highly efficient 4.7 liter V12 engine.

Livio De Marchi’s laments that the Grand Canal waterways of Venice which were once idyllic and peaceful, but they are now congested with large yachts and water taxis. This floating wooden Ferrari is not the answer to solving these problems.

However, the Venice based artist is noted for similar, if eccentric, wooden carvings which also includes hanging clothes to dachshunds and other floating cars (a wooden 1937 Jaguar and Mercedes 300L gullwing).


Images via Mirror