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World tour on a BMW motorcycle: Journey of 23 yr old Katarina


Katarina Vrabelova is all of 23 years old, she loves to travel, rides a motorcycle and has the spirit of adventure surging through her blood. She decided to travel around the world, which was her long standing dream, which will finally come true. The time is right and with no encumbrances to think about, Katarina takes to the road though she is in touch with her mother while her father is more used to saying goodbye to his daughter as she has undertaken various road trips ever since she was 16 years old.

Carrying only two suitcases for her world tour on motorcycle, one filled with basic needs while the other with spare parts for here motorcycle, Katarina counters the journey which will last a year and two months. Katarina is well versed with taking care of herself and her motorcycle and can manage basic repair jobs and change of oil, cleaning of air filters and repairs of chain and tyres.

Starting from home in the Czech Republic, she traverses across country and continent on her new 2012 BMW GS 650. Katarina says that she prefers to travel on her own travels upto 300 kms per day sometimes even a 1000 kms and has gone upto 150 kms in a single day. She has already done a 9 month trip to Asia, 12 month trip to Africa, and several trips in Europe. But this one, will be her biggest. All the best Katarina Vrabelova.

Preparing the BMW GS for the world trip


Source: MotoRide


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