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Write the change – Introduce New Renault Twingo


For the launch of its latest new model, Renault is calling on the WeLoveWords digital writer community to place New Twingo in the limelight as part of a fotonovela script competition. The challenge for web users on the is to create an original scenario featuring New Twingo in a European city such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Munich or Milan.

The fotonovela script has to feature all the innovation, playfulness and originality of New Twingo, underscoring its nimble and easy-handling nature and its Pop-infused colors. A jury will shortlist the best script ideas, which will then be realised by images in fotonovela form.

The fotonovelas will be posted on Renault’s international Facebook fanpage this summer and voted on by fans using a special app. The result of the votes will designate the prize winners.

A VIP experience at the Cannes Film Festival

In parallel with the competition, the jury will pick three favorite scripts, the authors of which will win a VIP experience at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival – an event Renault has partnered for 31 years.

An inspired community

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Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel

A first drive in a manual rickety old van was enough to pave the road forward for Sagar Patel. When not driving or riding, his dexterity shifts gear to voice passion through words via reviews, and news, all the while, closely monitoring updates from the auto industry.

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  • reena

    When are they going this in India ? Now days it is a need of a compact city car in India bcoz there is problem with parking. I think twingo will be perfect. Hopes Renault will take it seriously. Please alert me on launch

  • Dixon

    Another exciting product from Renault. Waiting for Indian launch…..

  • Jomon

    A brilliant product to finish almost all the cars in India under sub 10 lakhs. Compact and commanding specs. The price tag of 4 to 6 lakhs are still good with climate control on top-end model expected.

  • Vinayak

    Renault is a popular brand in India today. All products are known for solid build quality. This is not a Nano rival or an 800 rival. Twingo seems to be another exciting product different from other cars in India till now. New Twingo is perfect for India. I think they might have learned from their previous experiences about the need of such a car in India. Waiting for launch. Please alert when launched.

  • Suvisha

    Wonderful !!!!! Please alert when launched in India.