XCMG Hanvan high-end truck launched in China

XCMG operates in 173 countries and regions. Having entered the heavy truck industry in September 2008, XCMG earned USD 324 million in 2014, and leads the market for wide-body dump trucks. Its mining dump trucks hold over 50 pct market share in Southeast Asia. The new XCMG Hanvan is the latest in big trucks from the manufacturer.

XCMG Hanvan
XCMG Hanvan truck

The new plant is located in Xuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone in Jiangsu Province, and spreads over 228 acres. Annual production capacity stands at 60,000 heavy trucks and 40,000 construction machinery cabs. An investment of USD 406 million facilitates benchmarked levels of manufacturing technique for commercial vehicles in China. The focus is on modern reliable trucks that save energy and reduce emissions while concentrated on energy efficiency and environmental protection. Innovative coating workshops help with non-phosphorus emissions.

New XCMG Hanvan is a high-end model for a safer, more comfortable and economic drive. XCMG Hanvan is focused on comfort. Control tech and noise-proofing devices are in use to lower indoor cabin noise four to five decibels lower than the average industry average. Active warning and lighting systems enhance safety. In regards to cost-saving measures, XCMG Hanvan introduces a specially designed optimal dynamic system to reduce wind-resistance coefficient. Deadweight is lowered by use of lightweight parts.