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Yamaha FZ Blue Core engine technology secrets disclosed

Yamaha FZ-S v2.0 engine

Yamaha launched FZ and FZ-S version 2.0 recently with new engine technology called ‘Blue Core’. Despite reducing FZ’s engine capacity from 153cc to 149cc, Yamaha assures improved 0-100 sprint time and 14% increase in fuel economy. Of course FI replaces carburettor used so far in FZ series of bikes, but there is more to the reason behind better efficiency in FZ and FZ-S V2.0.

Yamaha FZ-S v2.0 matteBlue Core technology by Yamaha is an amalgamation of engineering enhancements in the way an engine works. New FZ engine has better combustion efficiency via optimised combustion chamber and intense improvement in valve system. Inlet port design is re-engineered and offset valves are now re-aligned to improve fuel flow.

Power loss is reduced by switching to lighter piston, connecting rod and crankshaft. Smarter electrical charging system incorporated in new FZ demands less power from engine-run dynamo when consumption is low (especially during daytime), thereby exerting lesser load on it.

Yamaha FZ-S v2.0 engineOn comparing technical specifications of old and new Yamaha FZ, one can notice the marginal dip in maximum power and peak torque. As opposed to 14PS @ 7500 rpm in previous model, new FZ engine delivers only 13.1PS @ 8000 rpm and against 13.6Nm @ 6000rpm in old FZ, version 2.0 generates 12.8Nm @ 6000 rpm. Yet, 2014 Yamaha FZ & FZ-S version 2.0 performs just as good as version 1.0 does.

As per Yamaha, Blue Core technology will be implemented to carbureted engines as well, during product revamp exercise.


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