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Yamaha Cross Hub Compact Pickup Concept debuts at Tokyo Motor Show

Motorcycle maker Yamaha has revealed the Yamaha Cross Hub Compact Pickup Concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. This pickup is 3 feet shorter than the Toyota Takoma pickup but can occupy upto 4 adults thanks to a diamond layout in a 1+2+1 seating arrangement.

Even as the vehicle measures 14.73 ft in length, 6.43 ft in width and 5.74 ft in height, Yamaha claims that the rear is large enough for two motorcycles. It sure looks right with the two bikes tethered on the display vehicle load bed. That makes sense. In fact Yamaha, could very well carry its other products on the truck bed for public viewing. Though, we don’t really know how the vehicle moves as of now.

Yamaha Cross Hub Compact Pickup Concept comes after the 2013 Motiv and 2015 Sports Ride. These vehicles were designed in association with Gordon Murray, McLaren F1 designer while the concepts also share Murray’s iSteam manufacturing technology. Yamaha Cross Hub Compact Pickup Concept is not designed by Murray.

Sharp creases and angular lines, and the use of bright colours is bound to make you stop and look at least once. Its exterior is dominated by two long horizontal headlamps, large chrome wheels and massive wheel arches. The 4.5 m long SUV sports, which is aimed at ‘connecting the active and urban in the lifestyles of Yamaha enthusiasts’ has an open wood lined loadbay capable of carrying two of motorcycles.

The pickup bay at the back is separate from the cabin with a pair of large, floating buttresses connected to its B pillars. No powertrain specifications have been detailed as on date since this is being showcased just as a design concept. The tailgate impressed us as it stands in position to guard cargo, and went laid straight it extends the truck beds’ length.

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