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Yamaha PES1 and PED1 electric concept’s to enter production

Yamaha PES1 electric bike 1 headlight

Yamaha has officially confirmed production of two all-electric bikes. These two Yamaha’s will roll out in 2016. Introduced to the world at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, one will be a street bike named PES1 and other a dirt bike named PED1. PES1 stands for ‘Passion. Electric. Street’ and PED1 stands for ‘Passion. Electric. Dirt’.

Yamaha PES1 electric bike 1 headlightSince their introduction, it was believed they would be seen only behind glass doors, but now its fun to know that Yamaha is going to produce it for the world to ride in 2016.

PES1 looks way futuristic with flamboyant curves that run along what used to be fuel tank and compliment the thin seat structure. Blue trims on silver fairing that covers midship of bike adds to sportiness of the attire, not to mention thin flat spokes with blue borderlines that connect hub to the wheel. Lets hope production version will be as identical as possible.

PED1 on the other hand will be a fully functional dirt bike that will likely share parts with PES1. Both bikes will be made out of same monocoque frame that houses a brushless DC motor (BLDC) powered by a lithium ion battery (Li-ion). Suspension components like coil over spring and telescopic fork, and chain drive parts will not be commonly produced, given the contrast in purpose of both bikes. PES1 reportedly weighs around 100kg while PED1 might weigh around 85kg.

Other technical specifications are not disclosed yet, we will have to wait for further reports and announcements to find out what the Japanese bike major will bring to enter into e-bike world.

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Yamaha PED1 electric bike 1 design


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  • Harpreet Singh

    What an awesome looking bike. This will change the face of biking forever.