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Yamaha Electric Scooter Leasing Business Starts In India

Yamaha Motors’ Moto Business Service India (MBSI) invests in Zypp Electric to launch 250 Hero Electric scooter in Delhi

Yamaha Electric Scooter India
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Yamaha Motors 2-Wheeler Asset Management Services, Moto Business Service India (MBSI) has now commenced business in Delhi. The mobility solutions company caters to services for tech startup companies. This focuses on shared mobility space in India. The first investment in Zypp Electric caters to the launch of 250 Hero Electric scooters in New Delhi.

Zypp Electric orchestrates last-mile delivery service to E-commerce segments. Applications are widespread including logistics, groceries, food and pharma sectors. The goal is to develop sustainable, attrition free and affordable delivery paths.

Yamaha Electric Scooter Leasing Business focuses on increasing vehicles on shared/rental platforms. This in turn creates employment opportunities by supporting business growth of mobility platforms. And all roads lead to a cleaner and greener environment, which is why investing in the EV segment is the way forward.

Electric scooters for last mile delivery

Yamaha Electric Scooter Leasing Business MBSI explores avenues to work with last-mile delivery platforms. And their interest pivots around companies deploying e2Ws and e3Ws. A strong push for sustainable delivery channels encourages more delivery executives to rely on electric mobility.

Zypp Electric Scooter
Zypp Electric Scooter

Deliveries whether at business level or doorstep are now a part and parcel of urban living. And switching to sustainable mobility translates to substantial reduction in fuel emissions. Zypp currently deploys a fleet of 5,000 electric scooters. Following Delhi, expansion plans include Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and Pune in 2022. Growth is being fostered by adding 1000-1500 EVs each month. Plans are afoot to add 1,50,000 EVs to its fleet by 2024. This will foster sustainable last mile delivery in India. The company is keen to customize its fleet as per delivery specifics, while providing IoT support.

Switch Delhi EV charging portal

Delhi Government policy updates mandate logistic companies and aggregators to go 100 percent electric by 2025. To support the goal, EV charging stations are being built in quick time. To promote EV adoption, the Switch Delhi portal can be used so users can opt for a private EV charging point installed. This includes at their homes, group housing societies, multistorey apartment complexes, RWAs’ offices and commercial shops through vendors.

Such charging stations are also to be installed in government offices. This will enable employees and the general public to charge vehicles. With systemic changes being articulated, changes at the ground level are starting to take shape.

Yamaha Leasing and Zypp Electric

Shoji Shiraishi, Managing Director, MBSI says, “We are extremely excited to officially launch MBSI in New Delhi, by kick-starting our operations with Zypp Electric. The Indian electric vehicle mobility market is growing in line with the overall global trend and will see rapid traction and growth for shared two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the EV segment.

We need to create an evolving ecosystem that can address all challenges and enable millions of businesses to adopt sustainable modes of transport. We plan to work with more environment friendly mobility companies in the future and to transform the overall shared mobility space in India by bringing our financial and strategic experience from our stakeholders.”

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