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Yamaha F-155 Is A R15 Engine Powered Future Scooter Concept

Yamaha F155 Scooter Concept
Yamaha F155 Scooter Concept

An all new sport-scooter concept has just made its debut in Vietnam

At the recent launch event of Exciter 155 VVA in Vietnam, Yamaha surprised everyone by unveiling the F-155 moped concept. The prototype features a slick design with a fine blend of smooth curves and sharp cuts and grooves.

Yamaha F-155 concept design and features

Even though it may not make it to the streets anytime soon, Yamaha F-155 concept has a highly captivating design that appeals to folks who want to flaunt their rides. It has been developed by Yamaha Japan and rumour mills are abuzz that the company has invested around USD 100,000 to develop this prototype.

It is likely that the prototype’s design will work as the primary inspiration for developing the next-generation Exciter 155. Borrowing several design elements as well as components from R15, F-155 concept has a sharp and aggressive front fascia.

Some key features include functional ram air intake, MotoGP inspired winglets, dual-LED headlamps, and LED turn indicators. The prototype also blends in a minimalistic character, as is evident in the inconspicuous looking handlebar and instrument cluster.

Yamaha F155 Scooter Concept
Yamaha F155 Scooter Concept

Several ducts and vents have been neatly added to the sides, something that enhances the moped’s sporty profile. At the rear, the tri-striped LED taillight and cowl appear to be inspired from R1.

Other features that give Yamaha F-155 concept its unique character include the twin underbelly exhaust system and zippy seat design. It also gets several contrasting orange coloured accents that look stunning against the matte grey base colour. These can be seen on the front cowl, fairing, seat, chassis and alloy wheels.

Yamaha F-155 concept specs

Yamaha F-155 concept engine details have not been revealed, but it is likely to be using the same 155cc liquid cooled engine as that of new Exciter 155 VVA. The prototype utilizes a delta box frame and is equipped with aluminium swingarm. With the compact delta box frame, the engine appears to be bigger and adds to the bike’s dominating profile.

Talking about suspension, Yamaha F-155 concept has USD forks at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear. Braking system comprises two pot calliper at the front and single pot calliper at the rear.

Yamaha F-155 concept has got everyone’s attention, but it is unlikely to make it to production stage. Even if it does, several of its features may have to be changed or removed to suit practical needs in the real world. The only possibility is that this concept will be used as a design benchmark to develop the next-generation of Yamaha motorcycles such as Exciter, Sniper and Y15ZR.

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