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Yamaha Fazer motorcycle to bring lovers together on MTV

MTV and India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd is all set to bring out a new program Yamaha MTV Road to Love wherein lovers separated by distance will be brought together on the new Yamaha Fazer. Like Sir Walter Scott’s Lochinvar, the two lovers will unite but the only difference here is not a sturdy steed but a high performance Yamaha Fazer.

The lover in question will have to surmount certain difficulties before being victorious. The program covers 12 episodes and will feature 11 love stories and only one grand finale. The program is passed on 11 couples and their stories of separation over a distance of between 200 to 255 kms in India. Social networking sites like Facebook and Skype will be the only means of communication between these lovers who cannot meet or be together on a regular basis either due to financial constraints or job opportunities.

Yamaha Fazer is the vehicle used by lovers to conquer the distance between them. The Yamaha bike in question here is economical and sturdy, specially for long distance travel. It is offered in a range of four colors Competition White, Midnight Black, Black Cyber Green and Lava Red. Possessing high quality tubeless tyres that are perfect for tackling all kinds of road conditions proves that nothing can come between lovers be it weather, distance or circumstances. Registration is open for those wanting to participate in these 11 stories of 11 couples.

Read the press release below for more information.

News Release

Yamaha MTV Road To Love: All set to hit the road with the all new Yamaha Fazer

India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd. in association with MTV is all set to embark on a journey called the “Yamaha MTV Road To Love”, a show that will bring together 2 ill fated lovers, separated by distance.

The Yamaha Fazer is the lover’s steed; the true romantic accompanied by a trusted friend will set out on an escapade to join hands with love. During the journey, the lover will have to overcome 3 obstacles which will be rewarded with a comfortable night’s stay and gifts of glory for their loved one. Having travelled anywhere between 200 to 400 kms, the lovers will be united for time immemorial.

The program is of 12 episodes featuring 11 love stories and a grand finale. The theme of the program is based around 11 couples, their love stories, their separation and finally a unique opportunity to meet. Each episode will portray the lovers separated by a distance of 200-500 kms in India. Social networking sites like Facebook and Skype will act as modern day cupids in their lives. The program is meant for lovers who due to financial constraints or busy schedules, are unable to meet their loved one. MTV identifies and selects some of such unfortunate love-struck and separated couples and gives them a chance to meet each other.

This chance comes in the form of the 153 cc style icon, Yamaha Fazer. The Lover rides Yamaha Fazer to meet his Loved one in an economical, yet comfortable journey. Designed for long distance driving, the rider will not experience any kind of stress or discomfort on his back. The strong and muscular look of the bike is enhanced by the adjustable mono cross suspensions enabling a silky smooth ride. Yamaha Fazer is just the perfect choice for Going The Distance.

With a tagline of “The Touring Spirit” this bike is undoubtedly the new craze amongst the youngsters seeking aggressive and lively drive along with stylish looks. One can choose from the four color options available (Competition White, Midnight Black, Black Cyber Green and Lava Red).

The unique program “Yamaha Road To Love” not just diminishes the distance between separated love birds effortlessly but also brings out the best features of Yamana Fazer. Weather, road, drive terrain-Yamaha Fazer is equipped to meet all challenges. Rain, sunshine, smooth or rocky road- nothing can come between the lovers when riding on the robust Yamaha Fazer. High gripping tubeless tyres prevent slipping or skidding on wet roads and the longer and wider pillion seat is one of the most important changes adding on to the comfort for the pillion riders too.

Yamaha along with MTV is all set to act as the God of Love this August for many love separated youngsters  and Yamaha Fazer is sure to steal the hearts of many bike enthusiasts with all new stylish and macho looks.

So, all the young lovers yearning to meet their beloveds despair no more. Just get set with your riding gear and be ready for “Yamaha MTV Road To Love”, because it’s going to be one fun, adventurous and thrilling ride that will surely take you to your heartthrob.


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