Yamaha India new assembly line run exclusively by women

Yamaha India has employed 200 women to take care of assembly operations for scooters coming out of the company plant in Surajpur, UP. This is the first of its kind initiative taken by the company to have an assembly line run exclusively by women thereby not only creating more employment but empowering Indian women to work in jobs which were otherwise dominated by the male bastion.

These 200 women will be given on the job training both theoretical and practical and will undergo apprenticeship for a period of three years. The women will also appear for an examination held by Industrial Training Institute at the end of each of these three years and will receive an ITI certificate on successful completion of the training course. This is the first time that Yamaha has undertaken such a venture and hopes that more companies will take the initiative to offer this kind of employment to women.

Yamaha India has also undertaken a riding training program for female customers known as Yamaha Female Riding Training Program. This will be implemented across the country and will be specially targeting young Indian women in urban areas with the company’s recently introduced Yamaha Ray. Yamaha Ray is expected to expand Yamaha share in the Indian two wheeler market and the company is looking to capture a 20% share in the scooter segment by 2016.

India auto news release: As a first of its kind initiative in India, Yamaha hires 200 women to run its assembly line for scooters

As a first of its kind initiative in India, Yamaha India has started a new assembly line for scooters which is run entirely by women employees. This is the first time in India that a company has developed scooters for women assembled by women. The company recently hired around 200 women to run its assembly line for scooters at the Surajpur plant in UP.

This assembly line is run by women to make scooters for women. This indeed is a very unique initiative introduced for the very first time in India. Through this initiative, Yamaha is not just creating employment for these young recruits but is also providing them classroom as well as on-the-job training. These girls will undergo an apprenticeship programme approved by the state government which will last for 3 years wherein they will receive industrial training by being on the job. They will also be appearing for an examination by the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) by the end of each year and after completion of their term these girls will be receiving an ITI certification approved by the UP government.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Roy Kurian, National Business Head, India Yamaha Motor, said, “This is the first time in Yamaha’s history, not only in India but also worldwide, that the company has started an assembly line which is run exclusively by women. Being the pioneers in this movement, Yamaha certainly hopes to see this initiative being replicated across the industry.”

The company has also developed a riding training program for female customers. The riding training program known as the Yamaha Female Riding Training program will be implemented across India very soon. This move is very much in line with the company’s plans to target young urban women with its recently launched scooter RAY. The company has also expanded its dealer network and specially improved customer care quality for female customers by appointing more female staffs at customer contact points and introducing female customer care programs.

The company unveiled its much awaited sporty and stylish scooter, the all new RAY, in Hyderabad on 14th September. With Ray, the Company formally announced its entry into the rapidly growing Indian scooter segment. RAY is the first Yamaha model to enter India’s scooter Segment and is strategically positioned to expand Yamaha’s share in the Indian market. With the addition of the scooter Ray in its portfolio, India Yamaha motor is looking at a market share of 20% in the scooter segment by 2016.

Yamaha’s decision to enter the scooter segment in India was arrived at by seeing the huge demand that this segment is witnessing in the country, with college students and young working women showing increased affinity to purchasing light weight and highly efficient scooters. The new RAY has been designed and engineered to answer the needs of this growing class of young female customers who want a scooter that is stylishly designed, compact, easy to use and have a fresh new appeal.