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Yamaha India Sales Dec 2020 Grow – R15, MT15, FZS, Fascino

Yamaha Sales Dec 2020
Yamaha R15

Yamaha Motor India reported H2 2020 growth of 21.10 percent, and growth in December 2020 at 33 percent

The start to FY21 and end to FY20 had manufacturers deal with disarray. Following the initial period of inactivity, and slow restart, logistics and supplies chains were strengthened. Starting Q3 2020, Yamaha India was able to pick up the reins and go onward in a positive manner. The manufacturer reported ‘uninterrupted positive growth in the post-lockdown period’.

This comes on the back of reporting sales growth consecutively over the past 6 months once Covid-19 pandemic related lockdown was lifted. Performance in the last 6 months lays strong groundwork for Q4 FY21, which could in fact help the bike manufacturer end the fiscal well.

Q3, Q4, and H2 2020 sales growth

In July 2020, Yamaha India reported 4.3 percent growth up at 49,989 units from 47,918 units. In August, wholesales grew 14.8 percent, up at 60,505 units from 52,706 units. For September 2020, growth in wholesales was up at 17 percent. At 63,052 units from 53,727 units.

Through Q3, Yamaha sales grew to 1,73,546 units from 1,54,351 units at 12.44 growth. Volume gain stood at 19,195 units. Higher sales could be attributed to deferred demand from earlier months and a wide range of finance plans introduced to help foster buyer sentiment.

Yamaha India Sales Jul-Dec 2020
Yamaha India Sales Jul-Dec 2020

October 2020 growth was robust at 31 percent. Wholesales grew to 60,176 units from 46,082 units. Growth in November 2020 was pegged at 35 percent. Wholesales were up at 53,208 units from 39406 units.

Yamaha Motor India reported total wholesales for December 2020 at 33 percent growth. Up at 39,224 units from 29,486 units in December 2019. Through Q4 2020, sales growth is reported at 32.73 percent up at 1,52,608 units from 1,14,974 units. Volume gain stood at 37,634 units. This can in part be attributed to low base sales for the comparable quarter last year and the traditional demand mindset each festive season.

Together (Q3 and Q4) contributed to 21.10 percent growth in H2 2020. Wholesales grew at 3,26,153 units from 2,69,325 units at 56,828 volume gain. In all, the last 6 months averaged sales of just over 50k units on a monthly basis. While most manufacturers have reported stronger numbers for Q4 2020, Yamaha India did in fact report higher sales in Q3 than in Q4.

Yamaha Motor India motorcycles and scooters

Expectation for 2021 is for overall demand to grow basis varied demand of personal mobility. Currently, Yamaha retails Fascino, Ray ZR and Ray ZR Street Rally scooters in the 125 cc segment. 150 cc motorcycles on sales include R15 Version 3.0, MT15 in 155 cc, FZ FI & FZS FI Version 3.0. The 250 cc segment comprises of FZ 25 and FZS 25.

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