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Yamaha Indonesia produces 30 million motorcycles in 40 years


Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) has produced 30 million motorcycles across different segments thus far. The company established roots 40 years ago in Indonesia (July 6 1974) and has become one of prestigious two wheeler brands there.

Yamaha R25 assembly 01Current production capacity of Yamaha Indonesia is 3 million units of motorcycles per year. YIMM has 6 plants, 160 vendors and dealer distribution network with 4,300 nodes including 6 DDS (Direct Distribution System) / Flagship Stores (FSS). About 20,000 people work for YIMM, of which some young Indonesian experts are routinely sent to work and study in Japan for technology transfer.

The Japanese motorcycle maker is the largest shareholder in matic segment with 52.9%, about one third of market in duck segment with 32.5% and 14.6% in sports bike space (according to data of last 5 years). Increasing popularity in last segment have paved opportunity for the company to prepare for export to 14 countries.

Yamaha_IndonesiaYamaha Indonesia is global production base for Yamaha R25 quarter litre sports bike, to be shipped to Japan, India, Europe and other neighbouring countries of Indonesia. Due to unexpected burst of online booking immediately after launch in May 2014, export plans were pushed by months away from original schedule. Local delivery for first 500 customers began just some days back, rest of 2,300 customers will be waiting further to receive their rides.

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