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Yamaha Motobot autonomous humanoid on display at 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha Motobot Concept

The Motobot may soon challenge Valentino Rossi on a race track!

The concept of autonomous cars are not something we look at with awe anymore but an autonomous motorcycle riding robot is sure to come out as a surprise. The Yamaha Motobot which is greeting show goers at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show is an autonomous humanoid robot which is programmed to ride a motorcycle.

Yamaha appears to have loaded the Motobot with a riding knowledge so rich that it skipped the low capacity learner bikes to directly get astride the immensely powerful R1M superbike. The motorcycle is question is specially adopted for the mechanized rider but the company is currently developing an advanced version which can ride an unmodified motorcycle on a race track at speeds of up to 200 kmph! Seems Rossi should be more concerned about the Motobot than Marquez and Lorenzo! The machine has already challenged the Doctor for a track duel in this video.

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The two wheeler giant says that controlling complex motions of a motorcycle at high speeds is a challenging task, one that needs control systems that operate with high degree of accuracy. Developed with Yamaha’s expertise in motorcycle and robotic technology, the objective of the Motobot project is to develop such control systems that give rise to rider assistance and safety systems. These technologies would be implemented in production motorcycles in the future.

Yamaha Motobot – Live Photos from 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

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