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Yamaha MWT-9 Leaning Multi-Wheeled motorcycle graces 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Yamaha MWT-9 concept three wheeler 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (1)

While most three-wheelers are extensions of scooters, the MWT-9 is a sportsbike with an additional front wheel.

The Yamaha MWT-9 Leaning Multi-wheeled (LMW) motorcycle is one of the many interesting concepts that are gracing the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. Created under the automaker’s development project named “Cornering Master”, the three-wheeled machine aims at improving the sport riding experience of the new category.

While Yamaha GEN-01 already explored this avenue, the MWT-9 is a more advanced take on a sports three-wheeler and promises to offer better cornering experience. Unlike the GEN-01 which employs internally mounted front telescopic forks, the new concept opts for externally mounted suspension forks which enable a sharper banking angle.

This new arrangement is claimed to promote a fluent riding around a series of tight corners and changing road surfaces. The MWT-9 is expected to spawn a production variant in the foreseeable future.

Yamaha MWT-9 concept three wheeler 2015 Tokyo Motor Show (18)

The MWT-9 is powered by an inline three-cylinder liquid-cooled engine.

Yamaha has announced that MWT-9 is powered by a three-cylinder liquid-cooled engine which displaces 850 cc but hasn’t revealed the specifications. The sporty three-wheeler should be just as powerful as a comparable sportsbike.

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Visually, the MTW-9 oozes of sporty character with an outlandish front fascia and twin front wheels with a disc brake each. The posterior part of the machine is pretty much like a superbike. The Yamaha concept employs a conventional chain drive to propel the rear wheel.

Yamaha MWT-9 Concept – Live Photos from 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

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