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Owner crashes while riding his Yamaha R1 for the first time – Shares video to spread awareness

Riding his Yamaha R1 for the first time, owner was very excited and happy. The initial ride seemed smooth and eventless as the rider and his biking buddies take to the road.

The rider can be seen cruising along at high speed across the smooth expressway. Traffic was sparse and the helmet camera captured the ride when all of a sudden the camera shook just as the rider was turning a corner. The accompanying video of a high speed crash once again draws attention to the vital importance safety gear plays in protecting lives.

The bike was at a high speed and even though the exact speed was not revealed, the way in which the bike sped past traffic moving in the same direction indicates that it was travelling way above average speed limits.

This shaking camera also indicates that the road could have suddenly turned bumpy which caused the rider to lose control and crash into the median. Luckily for him, he was accompanied by his friends who were quick to take action by moving him to the nearest hospital.

Image – Piston Head / YouTube

The rider has since recovered from injuries and gives credit to his friends for the timely help and the fact that he was wearing good quality safety gear without which he could probably have faced a life threatening situation.

Though this accident occurred some time ago, the video has just been uploaded so as to drive home the point of safety being vital to survival. The recent spate of high speed crashes made the rider share the video and he hopes other will learn by his example.

This is what the rider posted –

I’m Alive with multiple fractures after the nasty crash. Thanks to the riding gear.
The KTM guy is also fit now and has resumed riding again.
Always Ride in groups and never ride without complete riding gears no matter what bike you ride, no matter how far you ride. Cuz this is what SAVED MY LIFE.
This is a message I would like to convey to all my fellow young rider friends.
Ride Responsibly…

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