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Yamaha R1 rider posts video of doing 299 kmph – Bangalore police confiscates bike

The video was first posted on Instagram by username bluebeast46 with the caption ‘Heating her up’

A big bike and open roads, while a refreshing thought comes with limitations. For one, road rules apply to all, and speed limitations for most major stretches of the road are standard. While coppers depend on speed camera gun captures for most challans to be issued specific to speeding, there are others who help coppers by making available videos on social media that capture speeding.

For one rider, one such ride has gotten the interest of Bangalore City Police. While the concerned Instagram account has now been made private, police have seized the Yamaha R1 in question. A video was posted by Instagram account bluebeast46, where a Yamaha R1 was seen doing insane speeds of 299 kmph on public roads – putting lives of many in danger.

Over-speeding Yamaha R1

Bangalore Police were alerted about this video by concerned citizens. Finally, the rider and the motorcycle were traced. Today, Sandip Patil, Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Bengaluru City Police shared the video on Twitter – ‘This video made viral by the rider.. going at a dangerous speed of almost 300 kmph at Ecity flyover putting his own & others life at risk..CCB traced the rider & seized bike Yamaha 1000 CC.. handed over to traffic..’

Bangalore Police confiscates over-speeding Yamaha R1
Bangalore Police confiscates over-speeding Yamaha R1

No doubt it seems just the opportune moment to zip across city roads which in many places are eerily empty owing to current lockdown limitations. Whatever the motivation, this incident will hopefully work towards making the rider think twice before attempting something like this again. The video taken from the rider’s viewpoint, captures top speed of 299 kmph. A figure one doesn’t hope to see on city streets because that’s what tracks are designed for.

Apart from speeding, the accused will also have to provide a plausible reason for where he was headed to as Bangalore city is currently functioning within increased travel restrictions. Casually over-speeding occurs even when a rider is diligent as city riding speeds are well below 100 kmph, a limit that is difficult to maintain on many occasion. However, attempting to get to 300 kmph is not casual but quite so determined.

Yamaha R1 now in the custody of Bangalore Traffic Police
Yamaha R1 now in the custody of Bangalore Traffic Police. Image – IANS

It’s not known under which multiple sections the offence has been booked but dangerous driving is most likely to be part of the offences listing. Traffic offence fines were revised in 2019, which until the time had been ridiculously low for most offences.

Sharing personal anecdotes supported by video and photo updates is a norm when it comes to letting the world know how cool is your quotient. In most instances, social media handles such personal accounts are shared on are open for view anybody who cares for it. And while, folks continue to flood the online space whether to share personal experiences with friends and family, or with anybody who wishes to see them, this particular ride video certainly raked enough interest to get attention from the coppers, and is an insight to policing today that involves scrutinising, verifying, and tracking online accounts.

Yamaha R1 Specs

Priced from Rs 21 lakhs ex-sh, Yamaha R1 is one of the most powerful production motorcycles in the world today. It is powered by a 1 liter 4 cylinder engine, which delivers 200 PS power and 112 Nm of torque. It has a top speed of 299 kmph.

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