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Yamaha R15 V3 vs Yamaha R15 V2 – 20 Reasons why V3 is better

The impending launch of Yamaha R15 V3 had kept many waiting. Finally that the bike is launched, fans and enthusiasts need not wait any longer as the bike is now on sale across India for a price of Rs 1.25 lakh, ex-showroom.

Yes, this means that the bike is expensive than the outgoing R15 V2. But, if you look at the entire package, you will be surprised to know that you are going to pay only Rs 7,000 more than the older V2, to buy the new V3.

Below are the updates that come with the new R15 V3. Each photo explains how the V3 is better than the V2.

1 – More Power. More Mileage.

At 19.3 PS power output is improved by 16.3 percent. Presented as a fun ride, mileage is improved by 4.7 percent.

2 – VVA – Variable Valve Actuation System

VVA focuses on valve lift and paves the road for good power and torque across the rev range. At 7,400 rpm, the solenoid actuator switches high cam profile, which increases the inlet valve lift.

Two intake valve cams share the load. One for low to mid range rpm, the other for high rpm. The switch is made by a responsive solenoid metre.

3 – High Capacity Air Cleaner

As against the 2.9 litre filter case in R15 V2, the new bike uses a 5.5 litre high capacity air filter case that increases volumetric efficiency and benefits engine performance.

4 – Large Diameter Throttle Body

The 30mm throttle body diameter is 2mm larger than the outgoing V2, and contributes to engine performance.

5 – Large Diameter Valve Head

Intake (20.5mm) and exhaust (18 mm) valves diameter is larger by 1 mm in V3 for lower intake resistance, and encourages good tumble.

6 – Newly Designed Cylinder Head

The newly designed cylinder head with a compact pentroof combustion chamber optimises combustion.

7 – Nickel Spark Plug

The use of a nickel spark plug with high ignitability (NGK/MR8E9) optimizes combustion speed for combustion efficiency. Nickel electrodes prolong plug life.

8 – 10 Holes Injector

R15 V3 is fitted with a 10 holes injector as compared to 6 holes in V2 to boost combustion efficacy.

9 – Newly Designed Crankcase

Power loss is reduced through a newly designed crankcase with enlarged breathing holes to reduce pumping losses and improve output.

10 – New Type of Cooling System

The new cooling system reduces warm up time and improves cooling performance. When engine’s in warm up mode, coolant is cycled around the engine. When a certain water temp is reached, the thermostat opens, and cycles the coolant through radiator.

11 – Newly Designed Connecting Rod

The connecting rod is redesigned with a big end diameter of 26 mm as compared to 28 mm seen on the V2.

12 – Assist & Slipper Clutch

When downshifting, wheel speed becomes higher than engine speed, and high back torque applied from rear wheel. Slipper clutch aids in back torque cancellation.

Chances of wheel-locking during rapid downshifts in high speed is avoided. Assist mechanism is vital to reduction of clutch actuation time in quick clutch engagement to reduce power loss. The clutch lever load is lighter and 10 mm closer to the handlebar than R15 V2.

13 – Front Fork

Front fork inner tubes are wider in diameter at 41mm, up from 33 mm in the R15 V2 to improve shock absorption, and handling stability at higher speeds.

14 – Wider Tyres

Lightweight cast wheels support wider tyres for improved stability and grip, alongwith ride comfort and handling agility.
R15 V3 – Front tyre: 100/80 – 17 M/C 52P; Rear ryre – 140/70 – 17 M/C 66H
R15 V2 – Front tyre: 90/80 – 17 M/C 46P; Rear ryre – 130/70 – 17 M/C 62H

15 – Large Diameter Front Disc Brake

At 288 mm, the front disc brake is 15 mm larger than seen on the outgoing R15. It aids in braking performance and makes for better stopping power at high speed.

16 – Aluminum Swing Arm

The delta shaped aluminium swing arm is fortified with bracing rib placement on the inner sides to optimise rigidity. This enforces rigidity balance and handling stability at high speed.

17 – Multi Function Full LCD Meter

A multifunction full LCD Meter does away with the part digi-part analog meter from earlier.

It displays transmission gear, neutral light indicator, coolant temp warning light, engine trouble warning light, shift timing indicator light, self diagnosis device that prompts an error code, tachometer, turn light indicator light, high beam indicator, fuel meter, odometer, speedometer, welcome screen, fuel tripmeters, fuel reserve meter, clock, fuel consumption display, avg fuel consumption display, avg speed display, shift light and VVA indicator, and draws from the M1 MotoGP console for rider benefit.

18 – Daytona Exhaust

For an additional Rs 16,700, you can get your new R15 V3 ready for the race track – as you will get a Daytona Exhaust, officially fitted by company dealer.

19 – Metzeler Rear Tyre

Complete that racing kit on board your R15 V3. For that extra Rs 9,998, you can get a Metzeler rear tyre that will give additional grip while taking on those sweet corners.

20 – Accessories

With the new R15 V3, Yamaha has announced a series of accessories that will be offered by the dealer as official accessories. These include – Tank pad for Rs 224, Seat cover built from same material as the seat for Rs 430, Frame Slider to protect fairing for Rs 2,450, Skid plate to avoid damage to underbody for Rs 500.


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