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Watch Yamaha R25 assaulting a circuit! – Official video

Yamaha R25 track 03

Yamaha has released a promotional video for the buzzing YZF R25 high-rev machine. The newly launched quarter litre sports bike looks race ready, from the way it takes on the race track. Yamaha has highlighted the vital features the R25 is equipped with, to inspire those who aspire to race with it.

Yamaha R25 track 03New YZF-R25 wears IRC Road Winner RX-01 front tire – 110/70 on 17inch alloy rims, with rated top speed of 130 mph or 210 kmph and rated load capacity of 467 lb or 212 kg. The street tire has bias ply construction, not radial. Rear one too is of same make and type, measuring 140/70 on 17 inch wheels. Speed rating is same as front one, but is capable of carrying 660 lb or 300 kg load.

A 298mm floating mount disc with 2 pot calliper in the front and a 220mm disc with single pot calliper in the rear help R25 shed its momentum.
Wet weight of Yamaha R25 is 166kg with optimum weight distribution of 50:50; to balance the bike evenly on intense corners. Monocross type shock absorber does duty on the rear while 41mm diameter inner tube (telescopic) shocks suspend the front end of the bike.

Yamaha R25 track 02The power plant is made of Yamaha invented ‘DiASil’ (Die Cast Aluminium Silicon) inline twin cylinders, which are lighter in weight and posses better cooling performance over conventional cast steel liner cylinders. The cylinders in Yamaha R25 are slightly offset. Forged aluminium pistons bear the blasting origin of power in the cylinders, carried over to crankshaft by carburized connecting rods.

The fuel injected engine produces maximum horse power of 35.537 at 12,000 rpm and peak torque of 22.6 Nm at 10,000 rpm. Exhaust gases come out of a short muffler with sensual sound. Yamaha R25 has clocked top speed of 173 kmph, however official figure is not disclosed yet.

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