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Yamaha R25 delivery commenced, dyno test shows less power

Yamaha R25 dyno

Delivery of Yamaha R25 in Indonesia was originally planned in October 2014. Considering excitement and anticipation of customers who pre booked online, Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) started distributing R25 to first 500 fans registered in; by September 15 2014, all 500 will have R25 in their homes.

Yamaha R25 dynoCertain automotive publications tested the trial version Yamaha R25 bikes given to them by YIMM, and shared dynamometer results to public. Each showed significantly less top power and peak torque values than Yamaha’s claim, which aroused controversies.

One of early recipients of Yamaha R25 in Indonesia tested his bike on a dyno and found power and torque figures to be less than brochure data. This means even production version of Yamaha R25 is caught in debate, not just trial models sent to media houses.

When an automotive tabloid tested their R25 earlier on a dynamometer, it gave 29.21 hp max. power and 19.9 Nm peak torque. But when the owner tested his R25 at the same place on same dynamometer, he got only 27.63 hp and 18.67 Nm. Maximum power did not increase past 10,500 rpm for him, whereas in earlier test by tabloid peak power was obtained well past that speed. It seems production version is less powerful than trial units sent out to media.

For reference, Yamaha claims 35.51 hp (36 PS) maximum power at 12,000 rpm and 22.6 Nm peak torque at 10,000 rpm.

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Yamaha R25 assembly 01Via – metrotvnews


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