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Yamaha R25 reaches 196 kmph top speed on dyno test

Yamaha R25 top speed dyno

Yamaha R25 was tested on a Dynojet 250i dynamometer recently in Indonesia and the results were puzzling. As evident in the picture below, Yamaha R25 reached 196 kmph top speed without wind resistance and asphalt friction. But power and torque figures measured by the dyno come as a surprise.

Yamaha R25 top speed dyno

Translation : Top Speed on a dyno with no wind resistance, friction in asphalt etc. ..

Technical specs provided by Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing reads maximum power produced by R25’s 249cc engine is 36 PS at 12,000 rpm and peak torque of 22.1 Nm at 10,000 rpm. What the Dynojet 250i dynamometer showed was “29.43 dk/12.100 Nm/10.200 rpm and 19.2 rpm”. This was the best result obtained after running test for 18 times.

On road, as we saw earlier, Yamaha R25 is capable of achieving 154 kmph at 11,000 rpm and top speed of 173 kmph at 12,500 rpm. YIMM has not specified their top speed claim yet. We sure know it beats Honda CBR 300R in this subject for now. Shall hear more about competition between them once both bikes become available on road.

Yamaha R25 top speed dyno 2Yamaha R25 delivery will commence soon, as the Japanese subsidiary released a video of R25 assembly hinting that bike is getting ready to roll out towards showrooms. Export plans of R25 quarter litre sports bike is still unconfirmed. Markets like India, Japan, Europe and those neighbouring Indonesia will have to continue growing nails and biting them until further notice.

Yamaha R25 dyno test

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