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Yamaha R25 export from Indonesia to include 30 countries


Yamaha R25 bikes are being delivered to first 500 fans who booked online just after launch in Indonesia in May 2014. Same bike was recently shipped to Vietnam for showcasing and promotional activities. New information regarding export plans has surfaced.

yamaha-r25-exportWe learned that Yamaha R25 will be exported to about 14 countries by early 2015. As per Shintaro Ambe, Executive Vice President, Representative Director of Yamaha, R25 will be sent to around 30 countries in future, all manufactured by Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) plant in East Jakarta. This was revealed at the celebration event for 40 years of Yamaha in Indonesia.

Already developed as a global product, Yamaha R25 quarter litre sports bike has given YIMM opportunity to present their international production standards and become centre for manufacturing and distribution of future Yamaha products. it is also to be noted that YIMM will be supplying Yamaha R25 stockpile to Japan as well, the country which is birthplace of brand the bike belongs to.

Considering Indian market, which will also import Yamaha YZF R25 from Indonesian wing, the bike will be priced quite high as it will not be made locally. Expected launch price is Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 3.0 lakhs. Since it already has very good response over internet and several media reports claim that R25 is a tough competitor in 250cc entry level sports bike segment, price should not come in the way of fans getting their hands on it, that is if it falls in expected price bracket.

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