New Yamaha R25 special edition price is unbelievable! Only 100 units on offer

Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) definitely knows a thing or two about packing an irresistible motorcycle and gift wrapping it to the enthusiasts. When Yamaha R25 was launched about a year ago, 2,800 units were sold in just 25 hours through a web portal. Now the Japanese marque has launched the much anticipated, beefed up version – Yamaha R25 MotoGP edition, only 100 units of which will be produced. How long will it take to clear this stock now?

As compelling as the Yamaha R25 special edition seems, with racy livery and special equipment, Yamaha has another captivating proposition, in terms of price.
Like the special edition package is not enough to turn heads, Yamaha is charging absolutely nothing extra for this limited edition over the regular R25. Same Rp 53 million (IDR) is the price tag of the exclusive version, which is equivalent to Rs. 2.53 lakhs.

Yamaha R25 special edition was first spied at Candra Custom Knalpot, which is a specialised motorcycle performance tuning centre in Indonesia. The model had the same livery / body graphics as the model showcased at 2013 Tokyo Motor Show with white and blue Yamaha MotoGP livery. Further, the limited edition has specially tuned Akrapovic exhaust fitted right at the factory, which usually costs around (IDR) Rp 8 million (Rs. 38,000) to get it retrofitted on a regular R25. There is no change done to the engine specs.

Via – otonity