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Yamaha R25 production version exported to, showcased in Vietnam


Yamaha R25 sports bike manufactured at Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) plant in East Jakarta is exported to Vietnam for showcasing.

Yamaha-R25-VietnamR25 in pictures is production version on display for fans in Vietnam. Being one among the countries in export list of Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing, promotional activities seems to have begun. It is unclear when bookings for this quarter litre sports bike will commence in Vietnam. This publicity stunt must be performed to judge demand for Yamaha R25 there, so as to arrive at an allocation ratio of units produced in Indonesia.

About 14 nations will import Yamaha R25 by end of this year or early 2015. Apart from neighbouring countries of Indonesia, India, countries in Europe and Japan, the home ground of Yamaha will also receive R25 stock from YIMM. It is announced that Indonesian plant is manufacturing R25 in world class standards and more models will soon be produced for worldwide distribution.

Yamaha-R25-Vietnam-1Local delivery of Yamaha YZF R25 kicked off last month; initially quenching the thirst of first 500 customers who booked online just after launch in May 2014. Yamaha Indonesia will tick all 500 in list by mid September and think about remaining 2,300 fans waiting for their ride.

A unit of Yamaha R25 was imported into India for Research & Development purposes on 11th April 2014, at declared price of Rs. 2.16 lakhs. Indian launch can be expected by end of first quarter of 2015, at launch price of about Rs. 2.5 to Rs. 3 lakhs.

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