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Yamaha Resonator 125, PES2 and PED2 concepts unveiled at Tokyo

In addition to the MTW-9, Sports Ride Concept car and Motobot, Yamaha’s 2015 Tokyo Motor Show stall also had the interesting Resonator 125, PES2 and PED2 concept motorcycles on display. Here is a brief overview.

Yamaha Resonator 125

The Resonator 125 is a compact lightweight motorcycle which is created to welcome youngsters to experience the joy of motorcycling. The retro classic motorcycle has a futuristic instrument cluster and carries artistic elements that are inspired by musical instruments.

The concept has an fully digital instrument console display.

The wooden inserts on the fuel tank and seat stopper are made of same wood that goes into making guitars. The engravings on the muffler and fuel tank cap use techniques that are employed in brass wind instruments.

The concept is powered by a 125 cc air-cooled 4-stroke fuel-injected petrol engine whose output figures are not mentioned.

Yamaha PES2

The PES2 is 1,920 mm long, 680 mm wide, 1,060 mm tall and weighs less than 130 kg.

The name PES2 stands for Passion Electric and Street sports. The PES2 is a fully faired compact sportsbike concept which employs an electric motor located in place of a traditional engine. It also gets a hub-mounted motor at the front wheel, making it a 2WD motorcycle.

The primary power unit has a monocoque structure which also doubles up as the frame. Performance figures are not shared but Yamaha says the concept will offer a riding experience which is comparable to that of regular motorcycles.

Yamaha PED2

The concept measures 2,045 mm long, 775 mm wide, 1,205 mm tall and weighs less than 100 kg.

The PED2 is a ‘Dirt’ bike avatar of the electric bike concept and uses the same primary electric motor as the PES2 but eschews the hub-mounted unit. The lightweight motorcycle features spoke wheels and disc brake at either end like a regular dirt bike.

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Both electric motorcycles fall under 50-125 cc performance category.

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