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Yamaha Revstation Tricity LMW and R25 video teaser. Launch in 6 days?


Yamaha has now teased a new bike on YouTube and it’s onlien property, Revstation. It is just a fleeting glimpse of a bike gone in 15 seconds, but still revs up your heart. Yamaha has released a video of its upcoming new bike which has been showcased by the Yamaha marketing team in what can be called a teaser video due to it not even revealing the slightest of details. The video does not clarify if this bike is an unveiling or an actual launch which should be made clear in the next 6 days.

Yamaha_R25A brief part of the video showcases what looks close to the Yamaha Tricity, a 3 wheeled Leaning Multi-Wheel (LMW) powered by an automatic transmission 125cc 4-stroke engine, which was showcased at EICMA 2013. Thereafter, what you quite literally see a skeletal bluepint, which looks very close to Yamaha R25 (look closely at the alloys) previewed at Tokyo Motor Show last year, and at Delhi Auto Show last month. The rest of Revstation is certainly located in another space and age where robots and humans interact and energy transfer is a palm to palm affair.

Yamaha_TricityThe mystery Yamaha machine is to be unveiled next week, and the trailer is closely edited so as not to reveal any further details. The video clearly indicates two possible bikes, and tehy coudl very well eb based onw hat we have already seen.



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