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Yamaha RX100 Will Be Launched In India – Confirms Yamaha Chairman

Yamaha RX100 will not be based on the same 2-stroke 100cc engine as the previous model

Yamaha RX100
Old gen Yamaha RX100

There is one Yamaha product in India that most people know irrespective of age group, generation, mindset, and diversity. Try to guess it. If some other motorcycle other than a Yamaha RX100 popped into your mind, you’re wrong. With a cult following so massive, RX 100 is loved even today, by many. It was in production from 1985 and lasted till 1996. Keeping this flame alive is Yamaha India, which sells spare parts for this decades-old motorcycle even today. Yeah!

While some RX100 users tamper with their exhaust or take it off completely, being an absolute menace to society, some users run it on kerosene, creating an ungodly amount of smoke. But a few of these miscreants are not capable of bringing down Indian’s love for the iconic and nostalgic Yamaha RX100. Such is its legacy. Yamaha is a solid performer in the Indian two-wheeler market and with legacy bikes like RX100, it will see new heights.

Yamaha RX100 Launch Plans Confirmed

In an interview with BusinessLine, Yamaha India Chairman, Eishin Chihana revealed that Yamaha has not used the iconic RX100 moniker on any product till now as they have plans with it in the future. Thus confirming that RX100 will be back. But there is a catch, though. Yamaha can’t just bring back the RX100 back as it was based on a two-stroke engine that will never meet the stringent BS6 emission norms.

Yamaha India also just can’t slap an RX100 badge on just any bike and call it a day. Because the new bike has to live up to the legend that the previous model was. It has to have the perfect combination of retro design paying homage to the old model, an explosive performance that the old model was known for and it has to be a special product and not a commuter bike. This is a huge task for Yamaha India to pull off. But pull-off, they will.

Yamaha RX100
Yamaha RX100 restored by Prasanth Violet

Adding salt to the wounds of enthusiasts waiting for the RX100 rebirth, is the fact that Yamaha has products lined up till 2025. This hints us that RX 100 will be resurrected by 2026, hopefully. Currently, Yamaha’s portfolio only consists of 125cc scooters, 150cc street and sport motorcycles and 250cc street bikes. Most of these products recently got a price hike which we covered in a previous post. Yamaha is also expected to soon bring their premium and performance motorcycles to India too.

Yamaha India Roadmap

Chihana further said that test runs and durability tests for electric scooters are underway and will be launched by 2025. The Japanese brand is also considering importing electric scooters sold in global markets via CBU or CKD route in the meantime.

Right now, Yamaha India operates from two production facilities, one in Greater Noida and the other in Chennai. The company also exports to 30 countries globally from India. Also, India is expected to become Yamaha’s second largest export hub after Indonesia which currently exports to 60 countries.

In 2026, Yamaha RX100 will join the ranks of other retro and nostalgic motorcycles from Royal Enfield, Jawa and Yezdi. When launched, it will be a premium offering and will cost a premium too. Launch of Yamaha RX100 might also spark Suzuki and Honda to launch their iconic Samurai and CD-100 too. It will be a really nice thing to see these nostalgic Japanese trio get re-launched.


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