Yamaha RX135 Cafe Racer mod job – 9 months and over INR 1 lakh

Bangalore-based Mechanical Engineer Shashank Bharadwaj balanced his Engineering final year, a part-time job and various other responsibilities but managed to build his dream project. This custom Yamaha RX135 Café Racer has taken him 9 months to complete while costs rose well above the INR 1 lakh mark.

Bharadwaj began this project in January 2016 with an old 1998 Yamaha RX135 giving it a complete overhaul both where its makeup and mechanics were concerned. While the RX135 consisted of an amalgamation of rusted metal and a broken engine, he took it all apart and fitted on new clip on handle bars and swing arm while he redesigned its fuel tank as well.


Mono shock suspension was added at the front while front and rear ends received disc brakes and new alloy wheels. Parts for the Yamaha RX135 makeover were also borrowed from a new YZF-R15 V2.0 while wheels were taken off from an R15 V12 with 140 section Pirelli Sport Dragons at the rear and 90 section MRF in front.

Bharadwaj managed to do all this thanks to finding a reliable garage and a set of tools along with a welding machine all at one place. Though the job seemed difficult, the vision of owning a custom built café racer was the major attraction. The final product, painted a brilliant Golden Orange and Black was completed 9 months since the day of starting, while entire cost was well over INR 1 lakh.