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Yamaha Sales Dec 2022 – RayZR, R15, FZ, Fascino, MT15, FZ25

For the month of December 2022, Yamaha sales breakup revealed YoY and decline of 32.59% and MoM decline of 29.54% in domestic market

New Yamaha MT15
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Yamaha India has had a rough month in December 2022. This is most likely because people postpone vehicle buying until a new year. This pattern is observed across segments and Yamaha is not susceptible as well. With 30,157 units sold in domestic market and 22,269 units shipped globally, Yamaha India fell into the red 

A decline of 32.59% YoY and a decline of 29.54% MoM are registered in the domestic market. Volume loss stood at 14,579 units YoY and 12,675 units MoM. FZ motorcycle range used to take the lead in Yamaha sales breakup generally. This time, it is RayZR scooter with 9,713 units.

Yamaha Sales Breakup Dec 2022

RayZR registered a healthy 68.02% YoY growth with a 3,932 unit volume gain, but a 10.02% MoM decline. RayZR has a 32.21% share in total Yamaha sales. R15 crossed FZ’s figures and sold 6,827 units. R15 failed to surpass 8,952 units sold a year ago and 7,427 units sold in November 2022. Hence, a 23.74% YoY decline and an 8.08% MoM decline were registered with a 22.64% market share.

FZ series has succumbed to 3rd spot with just 6,103 units sold in December 2022. Sales are down by 69.16% YoY as opposed to 19,790 units and 23.60% MoM as opposed to 7,988 units. There is a shear loss of 13,678 units YoY in volume. Fascino saw just 4,266 units sold last month and figures almost halved when compared to 8,455 units sold a year ago. Figures more than halved at 56.47% MoM for Fascino. Volume lost YoY is 4,189 and MoM is 5,535 units. 

Yamaha India Sales Breakup Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 - YoY
Yamaha India Sales Breakup Dec 2022 vs Dec 2021 – YoY

R15’s naked sibling MT 15 managed to outsell 1,756 units that it sold in 2021. With 3,247 units sold in December 2022, sales grew by 84.91% YoY with a volume gain of 1,491 units. Same wasn’t reflected in MoM analysis and there was a sharp decline of 48.75%. FZ25 surprisingly sold just 1 unit in the entire country for a duration of 30 days.

Yamaha Exports Dec 2022

Yamaha shipped more FZs than it sold in India. FZ is Yamaha’s highest-shipped vehicle from India. With 11,302 units shipped, almost twice as much as it sold in India, actually. A YoY growth of 9.76% and a 7.68% MoM decline were observed and FZ takes 50.75% market share among Yamaha’s exports.

Saluto RX takes 2nd spot with 4,738 units and saw a 137.14% MoM growth as opposed to 1,998 units sold in November 2022. Standard Saluto sold 2,140 units and registered a solid growth of 238.61% YoY and 211.95% MoM. Unlike the domestic market, R15 saw 84.49% YoY growth with 987 units sold, while a decline of 4.73% MoM was evident.

Yamaha India Sales Breakup Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 - MoM
Yamaha India Sales Breakup Dec 2022 vs Nov 2022 – MoM

While just selling 1 unit in India, Yamaha shipped 840 units of FZ25 globally. There was no growth in numbers YoY or MoM. But it is still better than selling just 1 unit. Being a blockbuster in India, RayZR seems to be not too exciting in global markets. With just 678 units shipped, RayZR fell into the red completely.

Yamaha SZ and YD125 are not sold in India. These shipped 636 and 600 units respectively and there was no growth to report about. 240 units of MT15 were shipped and there was a 17.65% MoM growth with 36 units gained in volume over 204 units shipped a month before. Lastly, we have Fascino with just 108 units shipped. In total, Yamaha shipped 22,269 units with 11.51% YoY growth and 4.49% MoM decline. Volume gained over 19,970 units shipped a year before was 2,299 units and volume lost over 23,216 units shipped in November 2022 is 1,047 units. 

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