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Meenakshi wins Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix 2014

(From left) Mr. Roy Kurian, Vice President, YMIS, Mr. Ravinder Singh, Vice President, Strategy and Planning, YMIS, Mr. Masaki Asano, MD, YMIS, Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram Subramanian, Winner of Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix 2014

20 top technicians who had won their national level qualifying contests (NTGP) from 18 countries met in Japan for the 6th Yamaha World Technician Grand Prix. Masaki Asano, Managing Director, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd, says Yamaha Motor Company organises WTGP in Japan biannualy to select the world’s No. 1 Yamaha service technician.

The winning field was previously dominated by European countries. This was the 2nd time Yamaha Motor India participated in WTGP 2014, and Meenakshi Sundaram Subramanian’s win brings India to the forefront.

6th Yamaha WTGP raises the bar for YTA technicians, and the contest takes into account ‘Time-Commitment Service’ based upon ‘maintenance knowledge, trouble shooting and customer relations’.

Ravinder Singh, Vice President – Strategy and Planning, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt. Ltd said India participated this year by sending ‘National Technician Grand Prix’ (NTGP) 2012 and 2013 Indian edition winners. Such activities help raise service technician’s consciousness of their role in Yamaha business. Yamaha strives to offer the best in products, value added services, and best in class customer after sales experience.

Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) aids group’s global education and training program for motorcycle technicians. YTA content, education standard, and training programs are developed specifically for each country. As of 2013, YTA-trained and certified technicians in India stand at 4,000. National Technician Grand Prix Title for certified technicians are held in each country.

In 2012, 850 technicians from 375 dealers and in 2013, 726 technicians from 375 dealers participated in 3 stages of competition. Sunilkanta Singh Hemam of Pakhamba Motors won in 2012, and Meenakshi Sundaram Subramaniam of Alagendran Auto in 2013.

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